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Does my home insurance cover me during construction?

Posted on Apr 23 by

Many homeowners are unaware that their home insurance policies may not cover them at all while the home is under construction. Home insurance policies are written by insurance companies who assume the home will be occupied daily. Deep inside the fine print of almost all home insurance policies are limitations and exclusions for homes under construction. For example, a major US home insurer has the following working in their home insurance policy: “We do not insure for theft: a. from a dwelling that is under construction, until after the construction has been completed and when the dwelling is occupied by an insured” The above is only one example of a home policy limitation during construction. There are many more depending on the home insurer. Another issue that comes up while a home is under construction is vacancy. Many homeowners will not live in the home while a home is under construction. When this happens, the fine print of insurance policies include vacancy limitations or exclusions. For Example: We do not insure loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by,...


Health Insurance- Open Enrollment

Posted on Oct 23 by

Open enrollment for individual health insurance plans is coming up! Baxter Insurance is here to help you navigate the health insurance marketplace. Our agents are up to date on health insurance plans and the new health care laws. Open enrollment for health insurance starts on November 15th 2014 to secure your health insurance effective January 1 2014. If you are looking to quote and buy an Anthem Blue Cross health insurance plan online you can do so through us by clicking HERE If you need a Covered California Health insurance quote, you can call us at 805-963-4048 or quote online at If you quote and buy through Covered California you can assign us as your local agent. Click HERE to obtain instructions on how to assign us as your Covered California agent. If you do not have a health insurance policy now you can enroll for health insurance coverage starting on November 15th. If you already have health insurance you can update and make changes to your plan starting on this date. Customers with existing health insurance plans...


Anthem Blue Cross 2015 ACA Plan Changes

Posted on Sep 23 by

Anthem Blue Cross has announced some updates to their 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans. Health Plans- Names Changes Anthem has renamed their individual health insurance plans in 2015. All plans will now include the metal level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) in the health plan name. The health plans will also include the network name, type of product, copayment and deductible. These changes will simplify the plan names with Anthem. Under the Affordable Care Act, there are four core metal health plans- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In 2014 Anthem’s health insurance plans sold off-exchange (Or outside Covered California) had different names which led to some confusion. The inclusion of the metal plans will help simplify the buying experience for customers. Embedded Pediatric Dental All plans will not have the pediatric dental coverage embedded in the plan. Previously, the pediatric dental was broken out as a separate cost. In 2015 the pediatric dental insurance coverage will be embedded within the cost of the health insurance plan. Other Members plans that are being discontinued or amended will...


Anthem Medicare Supplement Notices Being Mailed

Posted on Sep 23 by

Anthem Blue Cross of California is in the process of mailing out annual “Credible” or “Non-Credible” notices to their Medicare Supplement Part D members. Every Member is required to receive this letter before October 1, 2014 annually. This letter lets them know if the part D prescription drug plan they have is creditable or non-creditable. A creditable prescription drug plan means that they part D prescription drug benefits that they have on their plan meet or exceed the prescription drug benefits of the baseline Medicare Part D drug plan as set by the Federal Government. Non-creditable part D prescription drug coverage means that the plan they have is not as good as the baseline Medicare Supplement part D plan. Samples of these letters are below: 2014 Creditable_Cover_Letter_template and notice 2014 Non_Creditable_Cover_template and notice(1) For a free quote or review of your Medicare Supplement Part D plan, please contact us at 805-963-4048 or email You can also quote Medicare Supplement plans online with us here: Click Here To Quote a Medicare Supplement Plan! We write medicare supplement plans with...


New Baxter Insurance TV Spot!

Posted on Sep 22 by

Here is our new TV Spot which will run evenings during Primetime- look for it on ESPN during Monday night football! Let us know what you...


Health Net Insurance Rate Update

Posted on Sep 22 by

Health Net has released the rates for their September 1 2014 through December 31 2014 small group health insurance renewals. These renewals dates are for small group health insurance plans that are “Grandmothered.” Health Net sell health insurance. In Santa Barbara their health insurance rates for companies have been very competitive. Contact us as 805-963-3038 for a free...